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Gravel - less Leach Bed Pipe
Gravel - less Leach Bed Pipe
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Product Description

In many areas, the gravel-less leach bed pipe system can be a cost-effective alternative to conventional leach beds. The product consists of 8" or 10" single wall corrugated polyethylene pipe with specially-located perforations wrapped with either ADS Drain GuardŽ non-woven geotextile or knitted ADS Sock.

The outside diameters of the pipe provide an equivalent of 2 to 3 square feet of soil absorption area per lineal foot. The location of the drain holes (60 degrees off the bottom center line) provides added sludge storage capacity, which increases retention time. The Drain Guard protective wrap is sonically welded to the pipe and allows free passage of effluent to the soil while limiting soil particle infiltration. Sold in 20 ft lengths