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Oversized Adirondack Chair
Oversized Adirondack Chair
Item# Bigboy
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Product Description

Our fanback - eight slat - pine adirondack chair with an extra wide 27 inch seat for the larger members of your family. Seats up to 375 lbs. Our "Big boy" Adirondack chair measures 42" wide across the top of the arms, 37" tall at the back and 39" deep at the floor rail. The arms measure 7" wide and the seat depth is 22". Gives the "big boys" in your group the same opportunity to rest and relax as the little folks.

Built with the same "Cranberry Original" styling and quality.

The pine footrest shown below matches our big boy chair very well.

You are welcome to pick them up here at the factory if you need to.


Side view
Footrest - USA Made
Strong enough to hold two hundred pounds! A full 22 inches wide-13 inches tall.

Need two? The freight is free on the second one. (Two to a box) Made from Natural Pine. Shown with the Fanback - works equally well with the River chair or the Big Boy.
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Footrest - USA Made Pinefoot