Whether you are looking to make sure that your new pool has everything that it needs to make the summer fun, or you are looking to give your old pool a brand new look, you'll find that there are a number of different ways to do it. There are plenty of different methods that you can use to make sure that anyone who swims in your pool will remember it, so take a look at some things that you can do to keep the pool environment not only safe but fun!

Noodles Though different manufacturers will have different names for these fun pool toys, they usually mean the same thing. These long, bendy flotation tubes are perfect toys and lend themselves to all sorts of games. You'll find that they can easily be use to support a portion of your body, or, when used with other noodles, can create a lot of flotation for you play on. These are usually great favorites of kids of all ages, and when you buy them in neon colors, you can make sure that they give your pool a bright tropical look.

Pool Mattresses When you are considering getting some rest and relaxation, you will find that a pool mattress is exactly what you need. No matter how big or tall you are, you can find a perfect air mattress for you, and this is a perfect way to simply lie down on the water and watch the world float by. These will range from the very simple, that are simply just floating platforms, to the significantly more complex, which will let you sit up, hold a drink or even give you a compartment for small objects as you float around.

Water Guns This is perfect for a rowdy bunch, whether they are children, teens or adults. You'll find that many companies will give you squirters that can push the water as much as 25 feet, but for the most part, you can also use plastic squeeze bottles for just that effect. You're already wet, why not have some fun with the water?